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When you come at LE 21, you will be 45 minutes away from Nice, between Cannes and St Tropez, in a reknown seaside resort that spread on 36 km.

The city center is located in front of the sea, in this way many quartiers are authentics with their characteristics such as old city, Habors, Valescure, Boulouris, Le Dramont, Agay, Anthéor-le Trayas.

The mountain Estérel  offers to walkers a preserved plants. The Agay Rade is the natural door to the Estérel.

11 Km of coast path, 45 km of hiking path, 100 Km of bike circuits in a mountain, adventure sports and climbing.

Laying on the smooth sand or pebble beaches, exploring the imposing mountain Esterel whose rocks are bathing in the translucent water, strolling on the streets of the center of the city, enjoying the local food in one of the many city restaurants, those are some of many activities during your holiday at Saint-Raphaël and for completing your stay you have a choice of a great number of trips. And when you are saying sun&sea you must think at all the nautical and nature activities : so during your stay in the region don’t miss the boat rides, the golf course, a day in one of the many water or recreational parks nearby.


Agay : Base nautique
Port Santa Lucia


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